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Helmet Exchange Program and Survey 2012-2015

Summary: During the summer of 2012 and 2014, funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety, staff members of the Snell Memorial Foundation and the Snell Safety Education Center held 13 motorcycle helmet exchange events in northern and southern California. A total of 257 motorcyclists gave up their bogus helmets in exchange for Snell M2010/DOT helmets. Along with a well fitted legal helmet, riders also received helmet safety information. In the Fall of 2014 a telephone survey was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. 82% of the 2012 participants and 86% of all participants reported that they were still using the legal helmets from the exchange program. 93% of the surveyed participants believed that Snell/DOT helmets were more protective than bogus helmets. 82% would recommend other riders to wear protective legal headgear. Education works in changing rider behavior for better safety gear use.

Full report: Motorcycle Helmet Exchange to Reduce the Use of Non-DOT-Compliant Helmets and Survey Previous and Current Participants to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Pilot Exchange Program

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